A network full of possibilities

Redprodepaz – short for: Red Nacional de Programas Regionales de Desarrollo y Paz, or: National Network of Regional Peace and Development Programs – invites you to join its efforts to contribute to a Colombia in peace and prosperity.

Redprodepaz is a systematic approach to coordinate and articulate civil society with the government, businesses, churches and the international cooperation. As such, its mission is to build a nation in peace through local and regional peace and development processes.

Our work is being guided by following and advocating principles of human rights, the rule of law, do-no-harm, mutual transfer of knowledge, and through that, articulating different parts of society.

Having grown organically as a network of organizations united in a common cause since 2002, we have created the Redprodepaz Foundation in order to legally represent this network and be able to better offer administrative, legal and financial services to its members. It was also an important step to facilitate work when it comes to the execution of projects with external partners.

Projects with and for the people

At Redprodepaz, we feel strongly about the way projects are to be implemented. We believe good coordination always takes into account and makes use of the potential offered by the territory and its people. The result is a different kind of ownership among those who take part in these projects, resulting in a more active participation and more sustainable results. Be it in our Escuela de Desarrollo y Paz that investigates, amplifies and makes available local knowledge on a national level, through our Sello Social, a seal of quality that marks the positive social impact of joint local economic initiatives, or any other project implemented by one of our 27 regional Peace and Development Programmes. You have an idea for a new project or questions about an existing one? Get in touch with us, we’re looking forward to hearing from you.

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How we work: 27 PDPs at the heart of it all

As a network, we have been growing for over 15 years and are now present in most parts of the country. 27 regions  – from Cartagena in the north to Florencia in the south,  from Cali in the West to Villavicencio in the east –  are home to so-called Peace and Development Programs (PDP). Together with the National Citizen´s Network and our Supporting Entities, as well as topical advice from our expert commissions, they are the basis of our work in the territories.

…or, short, PDP, can be thought of as local clusters of civil society institutions, led by a member organization of Redprodepaz, in this case known as a facilitatory organization. These PDP may vary in size and as to which of Redprodepaz´ strategic topics they choose to emphasize, but they all share our vision and principles. In order to better coordinate our work, our PDPs are grouped into six macro-clusters, known as nodes (Alto Magdalena-Centro, Antioquia-Chocó, Caribe, Nororiente, Orinoquia, Suroccidente) They guarantee synergetic work within the node and efficient articulation with other nodes as well as with the network as a whole though its national coordinator in Bogota. More information about PDPs (in Spanish) is available here.

…are organizations that come from a wide spectrum of activities: educational institutions, companies, organizations with an investigative work focus, religious affiliations or focusing on communicational matters. Currently Redprodepaz counts 27 supporting entities on a national level that share the networks principles and contribute to its success: Be it through technical, strategic, financial or political support, or simply by contributing to the Redprodepaz knowledge base and its management. For many PDPs, they play a vital role in the process of organizational strengthening and consolidation.

, Orinoquia, Suroccidente) They guarantee synergetic work within the node and efficient articulation with other nodes as well as with the network as a whole though its national coordinator in Bogota. More information about PDPs (in Spanish) is available here.

The “Red Nacional de Pobladores”, as it is known in Spanish, is a key player in our work: its members are the basis of any governance initiative carried out by Redprodepaz. Therefore, strengthening its member base in its scope of political activity is an integral part in many of our projects. The National Citizen’s Network is a multi-ethnic, pluricultural expression of civil society that articulates social leaders of transformation processes throughout the territories. Their aim is to construct a nation based on the “Vida Querida” principle, the appreciation of life. They are connected to Redprodepaz via their local PDP.
Each of our strategic areas of work (see right) is led by an expert commission, composed of members of Facilitatory and Supporting Entities that command practical, in-depth knowledge about the area, due to their daily work. Interdisciplinary exchange is frequent, and the commissions play a vital role in elaborating the networks position on certain topics. For more information in Spanish, choose your area of interest in our top-menu “Comisiones Especializadas”.

Contact Redprodepaz directly

Our vision

By 2025, Redprodepaz will be a national and international point of reference for participative and innovative models, designed to initiate and consolidate territorial processes that foster peace, development and “la vida digna” – a life in dignity for everyone.

Our 5 strategic areas of work

As Redprodepaz, we have identified five thematic areas of strategic importance, when it comes to fostering peace and development within the country. Each area has its own commission, where expertise and networkwide interests are bundled. To get in contact with any of them, please get in touch with us via [email protected].

We are committed to the holy value of life, creative transformation of conflicts and accompanying processes of historic memory and communal justice that warrant terriotorial reparation and no-repetition of the armed conflict.

We push for the strengthening and participation of civil society organizations, in order to construct – together with the different players within the territories – future visions and collective dreams that best represent their expectations about “la vida buena”  – or: a life worthwhile – taking into account the generation of sustainable incomes for communities in poverty and affected by social and armed conflict.
We recognize the potential, the autonomy and the capacity of the territories to construct shared visions, plan their development, manage their conflicts and define their organization in a concerted manner, with respect to environmental, cultural, social, political and economic particularities.
Convinced that Colombia´s principal richness lies within its abundant ethnic, cultural and natural diversity, we insist in the generation of knowledge through social processes, relevant education and pedagogical proposals that is in tune with “la vida querida” – the appreciation of life – within the territories.
In our work we are committed to citizen empowerment and the strengthening of institutional capacities through civic participation, resulting in improved public administration and civil oversight in the construction of a socially oriented rule of law within the territories.

Our PDPs at a glance

Redprodepaz guiding principles

  • La Vida Digna (life in dignity)

  • Participation, both social and political

  • Equality

  • Solidarity

Our overall objectives

  • Strengthen the political individual

  • Develop peace processes in the territories with local governance